An illustration of #9 myth

(This is from the Kentucky New Era. Since I’m not a subscriber I just copied and pasted)

(Headline)Against prosecutor’s wish, judge cuts 3rd bond in sex assault

By Meredith Willse, New Era staff writer | Posted 20 hours ago

Christian Circuit Judge John Atkins on Tuesday lowered a $1 million dollar bond to $200,000 cash with no property options for the third young man accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy in early October.

Tyler Perry, 19, Hopkinsville, is charged with first-degree sodomy, promoting a sexual performance by a minor, use of a minor in a sexual performance and tampering with physical evidence. The boy was unconscious at a house party on Lafayette Road when he was sodomized with a foreign object.

Thats where the free snippet ends. But I have made my point. Can’t wait to see the comments. #9 on top 10 legal myths of 2014.

An illustration of #9 myth

Countdown of top 10 legal myths I’ve heard in 2014

Happy 2015 everyone! To start off the new year right, I have compiled a list of the most frequently believed myths about the law. They just aren’t true, people! NOT TRUE. I’ll explain further in future posts. But for now…. Just take my word for it.

10. Women always get custody.

9. A Judge can deny bail arbitrarily and is under no constitutional boundaries when he/she sets and/or lowers bail. Especially if it’s a really bad case and the judge just doesn’t like the accused.

8. You should always agree to let the police search your car or your house if they ask. Even if you have something illegal that you don’t want them to find, just give your consent anyway. They’ll think you are honest and probably won’t bother with a search.

7. Just because you pay child support doesn’t mean you’re automatically entitled to visitation or vice versa.

6. It’s easy to file a divorce by yourself – who needs a lawyer?

5. My baby’s mama/daddy is a real P.O.S – the court should deny visitation because my child doesn’t want to see them/they’re poor/they’re stupid etc.

4. Social media can’t be used against you in court.

3. Police can’t lie to you about what evidence they have against you or about what your partner in the next room is or isn’t telling them.

2. In Kentucky, the Judge has the ability to set child support amounts at whatever he/she wants to, on a case by case basis with individual circumstances considered.

1.  If you pay a lawyer a lot of money, you will get whatever you want in court.

Countdown of top 10 legal myths I’ve heard in 2014

How Do I Know if my REAL Lawyer is Doing a Good Job?

Thanks to Norm at Chasing Truth.Catching Hell for this very informative and relevant post.

Chasing Truth. Catching Hell.

Dear Norm:

I was arrested recently, and my family pooled their money together to hire a private attorney. He sure sounds persuasive when we talk to him, and we really believed him when he told us that we made the right call hiring him instead of being represented by the public defender. He seemed genuinely outraged for me when I told him that I was being falsely accused, and promised that he had much, much more time to devote to my case than the public defender had. Since he’s bilingual and speaks the same language as the rest of my family, he convinced them too.

But now this lawyer is telling me that I should probably take the deal from the district attorney. I told him again that I did not want to take a plea bargain. He got really frustrated with me and told me that I was risking…

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How Do I Know if my REAL Lawyer is Doing a Good Job?