E-filing comes to Christian County

The Justice Center in Christian County is closed today because we are computerizing all of our files! Yes, that’s right- clients will now be able to check their paperwork, court dates (and their lawyer’s work) online. Lawyers will be able to have a uniform way to file paperwork, reducing the administrative burden of the courts and the costs!

The Chief Justice of the KY Supreme Court, John Minton, along with Sen. Whitney Westerfield and Rep. John Tilley, have done a wonderful favor to the citizens of Christian County by choosing to implement this program here, in Western Kentucky.

This is a big advance towards bringing the court system into the 21st century. Expect more information from me as we start working with this wonderful program.

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Fraternities blamed for date rape drug

According to WKRN news, two fraternities at Brown University have been sanctioned for having “unregistered parties” where girls were allegedly given drinks with GHB (roofies) in them. Having been a college student once (I think I might have been at one or maybe two “frat” parties…) I am not sure that Brown University made the right decision in sanctioning these fraternities. Anyone’s thoughts are welcome.