E-filing comes to Christian County

The Justice Center in Christian County is closed today because we are computerizing all of our files! Yes, that’s right- clients will now be able to check their paperwork, court dates (and their lawyer’s work) online. Lawyers will be able to have a uniform way to file paperwork, reducing the administrative burden of the courts and the costs!

The Chief Justice of the KY Supreme Court, John Minton, along with Sen. Whitney Westerfield and Rep. John Tilley, have done a wonderful favor to the citizens of Christian County by choosing to implement this program here, in Western Kentucky.

This is a big advance towards bringing the court system into the 21st century. Expect more information from me as we start working with this wonderful program.

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Fraternities blamed for date rape drug

According to WKRN news, two fraternities at Brown University have been sanctioned for having “unregistered parties” where girls were allegedly given drinks with GHB (roofies) in them. Having been a college student once (I think I might have been at one or maybe two “frat” parties…) I am not sure that Brown University made the right decision in sanctioning these fraternities. Anyone’s thoughts are welcome.


“Two Hours Late” – A Bad Way To Start The School Day.

This past week, due to the extreme cold, Christian County Public Schools delayed the start of the school day for two hours. At least one parent didn’t get the memo ( or conveniently chose to ignore it) and dropped a child off at the normal time.
Read about it here.

That child froze out in the cold until a janitor unlocked the door and let the child in. Fortunately, the child is ok. Unfortunately for mom, she’s facing a felony charge of wanton endangerment. I have no comment as to whether she is or is not guilty of wanton endangerment, and that’s not the point of this post.

It does seem to be a stupid idea to decide at the 11th hour to delay the start of school two hours – ESPECIALLY if the schools are not going to be open at the regular time in the morning. Let me say as a disclaimer that I have no school age children. I also have a flexible job and a wonderful family/friend support system, so I’m sure this would never be a policy that would really cause problems for me or my hypothetical kids.

However, if the schools are going to decide the night before to delay the start of school the next morning, they should at least 1) open the school doors; and 2) have some sort of emergency care there for kids whose parents CANNOT miss work or class or rearrange their schedule to be able to get their kids to school mid-morning.

There are some workplaces that will not make exceptions for parents who have to take their kids to school or put them on the bus. With a full day off, the parent can drop the child at a relative’s or a friend’s house, or take them to day care before they go to work or school. But with a two hour delay, you have to find someone not only to watch them for two hours, but also who can get them to school at 9:30 in the morning.

If it’s that bad, call the whole day off. It’s not like there are weeks and weeks of bad weather down here in Christian County and the “two hour delay” is an effective way to ensure that kids get enough class time. If it IS that important, then at least have the doors unlocked and a staff member there – just in case some parent is stupid enough to drop their child off early.

I like the “call the whole day off” idea. If anyone has any thoughts, opinions, or ideas please, please add a comment – I’d love to hear what you have to say.

“Two Hours Late” – A Bad Way To Start The School Day.

No, I didn’t know that the cat lady story is fake. Blogging blunder #1

But it is. And I went on and on about it being stranger than fiction. I’d love to say I was in on the joke, but I wasn’t. Not at all.

Lesson learned – firing off a blog post without thinking or checking the source isn’t a good idea. You might end up looking -well- kinda stupid.

Fortunately, I enjoy a good laugh at my own expense. So yes, I posted what was intended to be a credible blog post about a fake story. I have an iPhone and two thumbs that tend to type faster than my brain thinks.

So there you have it – my first blogging foul. Sometimes I am – like – a total dingbat. Really, I am.

Here’s to embracing the dingbat within. Happy Saturday!

No, I didn’t know that the cat lady story is fake. Blogging blunder #1

Keep your cats close and that old lady next door closer….

Hello, Kitty. Those are words you would never want to hear if you lived next to this psychopathic Golden Girl. Truth sure can be stranger – and more disturbing- than fiction.

Like the story about a little old lady in Waco, Texas who loved wearing fur coats…. made out of her neighbor’s cats.

Read the story here


SMH. SMH. That’s the best way I know to sum this one up. Happy Saturday, everybody!

Keep your cats close and that old lady next door closer….

DIY divorces are a bad idea

I do quite a few uncontested divorces here in Christian County, and I am glad to do them. They are $500, which includes the filing fee of around $175.00.

So basically, I make about $350 off of your uncontested divorce. That’s meeting with me in my office twice, and having all of the relevant forms typed up correctly, submitted to the judge, and returned to you. Signed.

But hey- there is one company out there called “divorce writer” that advertises a 100% money back guaranteed state specific divorce for just $149.00 plus the filing fee. Hey…its DIY, right? We’re all into that these days. Why isn’t a divorce like …. making a ribbon wire wreath? Or even remodeling your own bathroom? There are plenty of guides you can follow – hey, I love Pinterest as much as anyone, and I love cutting out a middle man (if I can). Who wants to pay a freakin lawyer?

But the site I looked at, my dear friend, is a straight rip off. You will end up paying $149, plus the filing fee, and THEN you’ll have to come and see me anyway. Here’s why:


The following advice from me regarding what’s necessary to file an uncontested divorce applies only to those filed in Christian County, KY.

I bet Divorce Writer does not bother to look at the local rules. Maybe they do. I’m not paying $189 for a fake divorce, because I see the game they’re playing-

Here are the 100% money back guarantee terms. This is where they get you- those “state specific filing procedures (may include specific signing guidelines and MULTIPLE steps to complete filing process) signing guidelines”.








To file an uncontested divorce in KY, you need the following:

1. A petition, which contains likely the information that Divorce Writer collected in the “online interview”

2. A jurisdictional affidavit

3. An entry of appearance for the spouse who is the respondent, saying they consent to waiving their own lawyer (or doing it pro se, I suppose)

4. A Settlement Agreement ( which Divorce Writer may or may not get right)



5. Kentucky requires that preliminary and financial disclosure statements be submitted with every divorce. They do provide the forms on line – because I want to help, here are the links:


Start with AOC form 238. Fill out the next 6 forms.

(All of those pesky “state specific” procedures that you have to follow if you want your money back)

Or, if you are in Christian County, you can just come to me and I’ll take care of all 6 forms in one agreed order.

6. The VS-300. That too is a state specific form. I’ll save you the scavenger hunt it takes to find this form – here is the link:


Divorce Writer might tell you that the VS-300 has to be submitted on a special kind of paper, bond paper with a watermark. It also has to be signed by an “attorney” preparing the papers. I’ve never had a client get this far themselves, but if you do, make sure it’s the original and that it’s on the right paper.


Finally, as far as the “final decree and findings of fact” that the Judge signs, making the divorce final. Divorce Writer probably does have the correct language on that. It’s not too hard. Oh, and that includes the name change. It’s one sentence in the final decree.


But, as you can see in the bottom left hand corner, Divorce Writer does not act as your attorney. In Kentucky, the petition, the settlement agreement, and all of the other papers (well, the majority) are REQUIRED to have a statement from the person (99% of the time a licensed attorney) who prepared each and every document, along with their address and phone number.

Divorce Writer ain’t gonna sign that for you. They aren’t acting as your attorney. Sure, the docs that they send you may have all of the required information, but you’re still going to be stuck with those pesky little “state specific” procedures – which are the real pain if you don’t go to a knowledgeable attorney.

Just some friendly advice. If anyone…ANYONE has gone through an online divorce site in the past year and gotten everything done and filed successfully, please let me know. If so, was it worth it? Or would you rather have paid an additional $100 and had everything taken care of (cause I know Divorce Writer didn’t do that financial disclosure form for you. Bet they didn’t include a waiver either).

For some things, like rental leases or basic contracts, these online legal sites may be worthwhile. But for divorces, no matter how simple, don’t try it. Unless you have a really good friend who is a paralegal or a lawyer (or even better, a clerk at the courthouse) that can guide you through.










DIY divorces are a bad idea